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APM32 Design Support

Development Tools

Geehy provides flexible and easy-to-use software and hardware development tools for users to accelerate product development. All Geehy microcontrollers are currently supported by two popular IDE platforms which include, IAR, Keil's Vision, RT-Thread Studio, and Eclipse. Developers can take advantage of our Geehy-Link debug adapter, which leverages the CMSIS-DAP standard to flash and debug all APM32 targets via an SWD/JTAG connection. 

Hardware Tools



The Geehy-Link is a CMSIS-DAP compatible debugger/programmer

which allows developers to debug applications from a host computer directly to an APM32 via a micro-USB cable. The Geehy-Link features a 2.54mm (pitch), 20-pin shrouded connector and a power LED. The unit is shipped with a 20-pin ribbon cable.



The APM32-Programmer is a stand-alone programmer for use with the APM32-PROG UI software application. This device allows a user to execute several operations to manipulate the contents of the internal flash within an APM32 chip. The unit is shipped with a UBS-B cable and 20-pin ribbon cable.

Software Tools


The APM32-Programmer UI, allows developers and users to carry out several memory/register operations related to the APM32. These operations include program, verify, erase chip, secure chip, unsecure, program & verify and program & verify & secure. 

The APM32-Programmer UI requires the APM32-Programmer for use.  *Compatible with win7/8/10 

APM32-Prog UI Manual
APM-Prog UI App

ISP Multiport Programmer

The ISP Mutliport programming UI, allows developers and users to program multiple APM32 targets, as well as set the option bits according to their specifications. The ISP Mutliport programming tool communicates over an asynchronous serial interface at baud rates specified within the application.

*Compatible with win7/8/10  

ISP Multiport Programmer

IAR System Add-On

Full support for IAR system's Embedded Workbench is offered through the use of project examples and source code, which can be found in all APM32 SDK's. At this time Embedded Workbench does not include the entire APM32 line of products and an additional step is needed when installing the IDE, which adds support for the remaining APM32 parts. Please find the Add-On applications below.   

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