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Focusing on the application innovation of connection transmission and real-time performance, the industrial-grade APM32F105/F107 connectivity MCU is based on Arm® Cortex®-M3 cores, operating at 96MHz with powerful and stable computing performance. With built-in 256KB Flash and 64KB SRAM, it supports U(S)RAT, SPI, I2S, I2C, and other communication peripherals, providing a dual CAN bus and USB OTG_FS interface. Meanwhile, the F107 series provides an Ethernet MAC controller, which is compatible with the IEEE-802.3-2002 protocol. By using MII or RMII for Ethernet LAN communication, this series can provide excellent communication interconnection for user products.



  • Arm® Cortex® -M3

  • Working frequency up to 96MHz

  • Built-in CRC and RTC, DMAs-12


  • Flash: 64~256KB

  • SRAM: 64KB

Power Consumption

  • Operating voltage range: 2.0V~3.6V

  • Support POR/PDR/BOR

  • Support PVD


  • 16-bit universal timer: 4

  • 16-bit advanced timer: 1

  • 16-bit basic timer: 2

  • Watchdog timer: 2

  • 24-bit system timer: 1

Analog Peripherals

  • 12-bit ADC: 2, External channel: 16

  • 12-bit DAC: 2, dual channel


  • Up to 80 I/Os

  • All I/Os are mappable on external interrupt vectors

Debug Mode

  • JTAG

  • SWD


  • U(S)ART : 5

  • I2C :1/2

  • SPI : 3

  • I2S : 2

  • DCI : 1(F417)

  • USB OTG_FS : 1

  • Ethernet: 1(F107)


  • LQFP64/100

Documents &Development Tools

Data Sheet
User Manual
Development Board

Geehy Development Boards (including MiniBoard and EvalBoard) are equipped with everything you need to evaluate the APM32 microcontroller. Each kit comes with a variety of pins broken out to 2.54mm headers, USB type B connection, USART connection (DB9) , push buttons, accessible boot pins, and a JTAG/SWD interface for programming. 

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