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APM32A091 series MCUs, based on the Arm® Cortex®-M0+ core, supporting 256KB on-chip flash memory, providing multiple communication interfaces, up to 8 USART enhanced communication functions, supporting CAN protocol communications, built-in HDMI CEC and TSC capacitive touch functions, users do not need to add a dedicated touch chip, it can work with proximity, touch keys, linear or rotary sensors to provide capacitive touch sensing. Suitable for expanding intelligence application scenarios such as home appliance, industrial equipment and automotive electronic. Certified AEC-Q100, it can be widely used in automotive fields such as Car Reversing Aid System, Window Lifter, Automobile Electric Tailgate System, EDR, OBC and BMS.



  • Arm® Cortex®-M0+

  • Operates at frequency of 48MHz


  • Flash 256KB

  • SRAM 32KB

Power Supply and Reset

  • Supply voltage:2.0V~3.6V

  • Support programmable voltage monitor

  • Support sleep, stop, standby modes

  • Support POR/PDR


  • 16/32-bit universal timer: 5/1

  • 16-bit advanced timer: 1

  • 16-bit basic timer: 2

  • Watchdog timer: 2

  • 24-bit SysTick: 1

Analog peripherals

  • 12-bit ADC: 1; external channel: 16

  • 12-bit DAC: 1; channel: 2

  • Programmable analog comparator: 2

  • HDMI CEC: 24


  • 51 I/Os

  • All mappable on external interrupt vectors


  • USART: 8

  • I2C: 2

  • SPI: 2

  • I2S: 2

  • CAN: 1


Certification level

  • AEC-Q100 Grade 1


  • LQFP64

Documents &Development Tools

Data Sheet
User Manual
Development Board

Geehy Development Boards (including MiniBoard and EvalBoard) are equipped with everything you need to evaluate the APM32 microcontroller. Each kit comes with a variety of pins broken out to 2.54mm headers, USB type B connection, USART connection (DB9) , push buttons, accessible boot pins, and a JTAG/SWD interface for programming. 

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